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We write and post about Minnesota employment law, and the news around related topics.

Minnesota Strengthens Whistleblower Protections

The Minnesota legislature passed, and the Governor has signed, significant amendments to Minnesota's Whistleblower Act, which prohibits employers from, among other things, retaliating against an employee for making a good faith report of a violation or suspected...

Prevailing Wage Update: Good News For MN Employees!

Last year I wrote about the case of Caldas v. Affordable Granite & Stone, Inc. (AGS), in which I explained how the Minnesota Supreme Court held that the employees who actually did work for the City of Minneapolis were not the intended beneficiaries of the...

Same Sex Marriage And The Minnesota Human Rights Act

Governor Dayton recently signed into law a bill recognizing same-sex marriage in Minnesota. During debate, opponents of the bill introduced an amendment (which was subsequently defeated) to the bill that would have allowed any individual to refuse to conduct business...

Flipping Off The Cops Is Not A Crime!

File this one under "The stuff everyone should know in dealing with cops."  While not related to employment law or Minnesota, I think this is a story that needs to be told. A federal court recently decided the case of a couple who were arrested for flipping a cop the...

Close Election Silver Lining? Higher Employment Rate For Lawyers!

Many people cringe at the thought of a close election.  The uncertainty.  The recounts.  The leadership vacuum.  The hanging chads.  I mean, who can forget this guy, right? So what could be the benefit to a close election and a recount?  A dramatic increase in the...

The Minnesota Marriage Amendment And The Workplace

Minnesotans will be asked to decide at the polls whether we should amend our State Constitution to include a definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.  I appreciate that for some of us this vote raises a number of personal, political, cultural and...

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