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November 6 is election day and everyone should exercise their right and get out to vote.  But better yet, those of us in Minnesota can get out of work to get out and vote!

Minnesota Statute 204C.04 states as follows:

Every employee who is eligible to vote in an election has the right to be absent from work for the time necessary to appear at the employee’s polling place, cast a ballot, and return to work on the day of that election, without penalty or deduction from salary or wages because of the absence. An employer or other person may not directly or indirectly refuse, abridge, or interfere with this right or any other election right of an employee…. 

A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor, and the county attorney shall prosecute the violation.

So that jerk boss can’t threaten, intimidate or coerce you into working late, taking a pay cut, using personal or vacation time or interfering in any other way with your right to vote.  If he or she has questions, have them give me a call.